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about us

Our vehicle personalization services provide a complete upgrade solution. We are a distinctive company in that we do nearly everything in-house, including mechanical, exterior and interior upgrades including electronics.

Our in-depth knowledge of OEM vehicle electrical and computer systems enable us to provide entertainment, multimedia, navigation and safety services many vendors cannot supply.
Whether it’s a large fleet of 75 vehicles or just a single vehicle, we are your total vehicle personalization solution. Take a look at our previous work to see what we could do for you, and please check out what our clients have to say about dealing with us. E-mail us for an immediate quotation or to find out how we can personalize your vehicle.

Who Are We?

Founded on the principles of honesty,integrity and fair play

DVA has been in business nearly a decade. Our goal has always been to fulfill the needs and wants of our customers, from the modest of accessories to the most extreme vehicle make-overs. Whether in-house or in the field, our technicians provide a level of service that is unmatched.

Our dedication, knowledge and experience will take away the heartache and stress from vehicle modification, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our labor. Simply put, we are NOT a company that over promises and under delivers.

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Why Us

Personalized service
Most importantly, we have some of the most personalized service levels. From the moment you contact us we'll oversee your vehicle upgrades from initial conception right through to the final vehicle delivery. We are a "one stop shop" dedicated and passionate to your needs throughout the life of your vehicle.
We are constantly raising the bar in our performance through education and materials so our customers enjoy the highest quality experience. We're not just building your dream vehicle, we're building a life long relationship with you.
We use only the highest quality parts and materials available so that we can provide warranties up to 5 years/100,000 miles, depending upon your vehicle. Our team of specialists are fully trained and work as craftsmen to ensure your vehicle meets our exacting standards.